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Resolution Center
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    Wenatchee, WA 98807

Ruth Hartmann, B.S.

Originally from Puebla, Mexico, Ruth arrived in the Wenatchee Valley in 1999, and except for a seven year period when she lived in Seattle, has lived here ever since. She began her career in business management at the age of 12 in Puebla when she successfully started and operated her first business endeavor—a cookie and candy business. With success came great competition and the realization that her business model was not sustainable, a crushing disappointment. Beginning that day, Ruth has been involved in micro and small businesses mostly in the fields of agriculture, import-export of perishables, produce marketing and self-employed professionals’ business coaching and consulting.

A family health crisis in 2010, presented an opportunity to re-evaluate her life path. After an intense year of working as a full-time caregiver, Ruth decided to switch tracks and pursue work in one of the “healing/helping” professions. In the fall of 2011, she completed training in Grief Facilitation and was also introduced to the field of mediation during training in Non-Violent Communication. The more Ruth understood the efficacy and simplicity of the mediation process, the more it captured her heart.

With great excitement Ruth welcomed the opportunity to join the Wenatchee Valley Dispute Resolution Center in March 2012, as Intake Specialist and Case Manager. Ruth especially enjoys introducing people to the mediation process and sharing its many benefits with anyone even remotely interested. (Don’t get her started!) Ruth also has skills in the area of technology, and has worked to bring the DRC into the 21st century as she works to get the CRM Intake Program up and running.

As a fluent Spanish speaker she looks forward to serving the Wenatchee Valley community soon as a mediator offering services in Spanish.

When she isn’t working at the DRC, Ruth likes to take an occasional siesta, spend time in nature and with her family and friends.